Located south of the Sydney CBD, Tempe is the hidden gem of the Inner West, with its many parks, friendly residents and affordable housing. Tempe has a small but tight-knit community and a variety of family-oriented facilities, including the indoor sporting complex of Tempe Recreational Reserve. The commercial centre of this suburb is located on the Princes Highway, with premises including hotels, restaurants, warehouses, offices and fast food outlets.

Because Tempe is surrounded by suburbs such as Newtown, Dulwich Hill and Marrickville, the growth and development potential of this area remains undervalued. The affordable property prices in Tempe compared with surrounding suburbs gives it a unique position in Sydney’s property market for potential investors and homebuyers.

Whether you are renovating your home, opening a business, or developing a residential or commercial property in Tempe, My Tile Market is here to service all your tiling needs with our range of natural stone, tiles, pavers and equipment. Visit our closest store in Dulwich Hill to discuss your requirements with one of our tile experts, or contact us online at the My Tile Market website by clicking the Contact Us button on the right.

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