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Tile Adhesive

Extremely strong, tough, elastic, adhesive for general
purpose use, particularly suitable for non-absorbent
substrates or moisture-sensitive substrates (wood,
metal, ceramic, stone, resin, PVC, rubber, etc.).
For use on floor in interior and exterior applications.
Specifically developed for the installation of rubber
athletic tracks.
Also suitable as universal adhesive for rubber, PVC and
all common resilient and textile floor covering types,
especially in the event of extreme temperatures due to
solar radiation, intense mechanical stress by lift truck,
forklift, etc. or frequent washing (in particular when the
floor coverings are not welded or sealed).

Where to use

  • Tile or sheet rubber flooring (with flat-back or canvas imprint or stalk back) for interiors and exteriors, subject to heavy and intense traffic;

  • Rubber flooring for athletic complexes (e.g. tracks)

  • Homogeneous or composition vinyl or PVC foam backed flooring

  • Semi-flexible vinyl flooring, Rubber and PVC floors over existing flooring

  • Consumption

    • Consumption varies according to the flatness
      of the substrate and the type of backing on
      the flooring material (and, therefore, the type
      of trowel used):
      – trowel No. 1 or TKB A1/A2: 350-450 g/m2;
      – trowel No. 2 or TKB B1; B2: 450-550 g/m2;
      – trowel No. 3 or TKB C1: 550-750 g/m2;
      – trowel No. 4: 750-1000 g/m2.


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